Field: Environmental and Natural Resource Economics; Applied Microeconomics; Development Economics. 


I earned my Ph.D. in Economics from Florida International University (FIU) in August 2022. Currently, I am working as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate under Professor Pallab Mozumder at the FIU Institute of Environment and Department of Earth and Environment.

With a Ph.D. in Environmental Economics, my interdisciplinary research focuses on the human dimensions of natural resource management and optimal policy responses to mitigate environmental risks and vulnerability. 

My skillset in International Finance inspired me to conduct research in regional impact modeling due to Extreme Weather Events. 

My work also includes analyzing housing and insurance market behaviors in response to natural disasters and examining disaster impacts at household, community, regional, and national levels. 

I am in the job market and seeking a Tenure-track Assistant Professor position at a research university. I would also prefer a Teaching Assistant Professor position at a liberal arts college/university.